A Small Milestone

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We just wanted to make a little note to ourselves because this certainly isn’t much to brag about. But we had our first day with 50 organic visitors (visitors that come from search engines – people clicking on the organic listings) yesterday. 6/21/18.

All but one visitor was from Google since Google still owns the search engine game. Baidu was the other, we get a surprising amount of visitors (relatively speaking) from Baidu.

The goal is to just keep writing and growing. It’s easy to get discouraged when there isn’t much going on. Not much traffic, no real income. But hopefully, in a year or two, we can look back on this post and remember when we had just 50 people a day and we can say we just kept going.

Thanks for reading.


7/5/18 we had our first day over 100 (117) organic visitors.

7/19/18 we had our first day with over 200 (212) organic visitors.

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