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AdCombo is one of the most innovative affiliate networks we’ve worked with and we’ve worked with quite a few. Just to be clear they are not specifically an adult affiliate network. Most of their offers are actually not adult but they happen to have some of the best male enhancement offers you’re going to find. Read our full AdCombo review to see why you need to be promoting their offers if you’re running male enhancement.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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AdCombo Affiliate Program Essential Info

Pay Types Pay per Lead, Pay per Sale, and RevShare.
Affiliate Referral 5% of referred affiliate income for 6 months then 1% after.
Payout Threshold $50
Payout Frequency 2 per week upon request (Tuesday & Friday)
Payout Methods & Fees PayPal (Applicable PayPal fees)
Payoneer ($1.50 in US, other locations may vary)
Wire ($25)
Promo Tools Multiple Pre-Landing Pages and Landing Pages, Ability to Download Landing Pages, Campaigns to Rotate Offers & Landing Pages, Use of Own Tracking Domain, Customizable iFrames, Postbacks for Trackers, Translation Services (at cost)

The AdCombo Review

We love AdCombo. Yes, we seem biased, but they really are an amazing affiliate network for a number of reasons. We’ve used them exclusively for their male enhancement offers (yes penis pills) in our paid campaigns. So you’re not really going to find their offers on CamsRated since we focus on cams and other aspects of the adult industry. But if you’re like many affiliate marketers you’re testing out many different niches and this is where Adcombo can provide even more value to you.

There are four main things that we feel set AdCombo apart from other affiliate networks we’ve used. The unique conversion flow and the targeting of lower-tier countries really sets them apart from competitors. They also have promotional tools that most networks don’t, mainly a huge selection of translated landing and pre-landing pages. And to top it off you’ll be getting paid quickly to help you scale what’s working.

We feel that each of these four elements deserves a section of their own so that’s how we’re going to approach our AdCombo Review.

Cash on Delivery is Key

The biggest difference between AdCombo and most other affiliate networks is that a large number of their offers work as Cash on Delivery (COD). You may or may not remember the concept from infomercials before the Internet basically destroyed the industry.

With most CPA and CPS offers you send traffic to a landing page and at some point in the funnel they need to provide their credit card to order. If they don’t then they are gone, money lost. COD is different. The landing page asks for some simple info: email, phone number and maybe a few other items. It’s much easier to get this from a first time visitor than a full credit card sale.

AdCombo Offer Page
A Typical Offer Page in AdCombo – Lots of Options

The next step with COD, and this is where AdCombo has really put in the work, is that a call center calls the prospect to actually sell the product. A real person calls them, in their time zone and in their language, and tries to close the sale. This human touch can really help to sell the product, especially with geos that are not as comfortable with using their card online. This all happens in the background, you just promote things as you normally would.

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Landing and Pre-Landing Pages Galore

Many affiliates understand there is tons of cash to be made outside the typical top tier geos. Affiliates crowd into the English speaking countries and top European countries for the high payouts and the fact that the language barrier is minimized. These geos also tend to have the highest payouts. And who really wants to spend the time and money to translate their landing pages? You can either go with Google translate and hope it’s sort of accurate, rip other affiliate landing pages or just assume everyone is fluent in English. All are not great choices.

AdCombo stands out because their massive collection of lower geo offers have translated landing and pre-landing pages. And we’re not talking about one or two pages. Sure some just have a few but many have literally dozens of pre-build landers. In fact, at times this almost becomes a burden.

When you’re rotating 4 offers that have 25 pre-landers and 15 landing pages, split testing becomes almost impossible. You’re looking at 1,000s of potential combinations. But if this is your problem, it’s a good problem to have. Anyone that has been faced with creating and translating enough landing pages to test with will be grateful.

To top it off you can download the landing pages and host them on your own server if you wish. This will allow you to make tweaks or add additional features if you want to. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

Ever Thought to Profit Off of Slovakia?

Most affiliates are from the “tier 1” countries. The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Western Europe, etc. Because of this we often become blind to the other 6 billion or so people on the planet. It’s easy to write off Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia but they are all ripe markets to sell to. Yes, payouts will be lower but ROI is what matters. Are you making money? Yes? You’re good to go then.

Generally, the lower payout is made up for by the far lower cost of traffic. Affiliates need to get out of the higher payout mindset and consider all aspects. Just do the math and see that it’s all relative.

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Keep Scaling With On-Demand Payouts Twice a Week

Joining a new affiliate network is always stressful. You’re under the microscope (sometimes) as they see how your traffic performs. You’ve made some money and now you’re waiting and hoping that they will actually pay you for your work. If you’re lucky they payout every week. If not they pay every two weeks or at worst once a month NET 30 (good luck scaling without big reserves saved up). You’ve already spent your money and now you wait.

AdCombo just kills it here. You need to know you’re getting paid. You also need to get your money back so you can reinvest in advertising. AdCombo pays out twice per week and we’ve always got that money in the evening the next day (we use Payoneer because their fees are less than PayPal). All you have to do is request a payout of more than $50 and it’ll get processed. The only thing we’d recommend is doing it early the day before. Worst case scenario is that they don’t get it in time and process it at the next payout date.

AdCombo Provides Very Detailed Stats

If you’re running any volume of paid advertising it’s always wise to use your own tracker. Network stats only go so far. But AdCombo does provide the best in house stats we’ve dealt with. You’re still going to want a tracker but you’re going to be spending some time in AdCombo digging into the stats.

You can customize the columns of data that you want to see and sort based on many different primary stats (date, time, campaign, offer, country, landing pages, etc.). There are also about 40 different data columns you can enable or disable depending on what info you want. It’s crazy. If you’re like us you’ll find maybe 10 to 15 critical columns that you want to work with regularly.

AdCombo Stats
AdCombo Offers Highly Customizable Stats

As we’ve mentioned before many of the offers on AdCombo are COD. This conversion flow has the ability to provide detailed stats that you’re not going to get with most other types of CPA offers. When someone fills out the form to be contacted it is considered an order. This doesn’t mean it’s complete though. The order can be rejected or it can go into a hold. From there if the order is completed it turns into a sale.

From these stats, you can get all sorts of useful info. Columns for approval rate, conversion rates, how much money is currently on hold and lots of other useful info. It gives you a look into the backend that is generally not available to affiliates. And from this, you can get a better idea of what is working and why. Honestly, it is hard to go back to typical CPA networks where it feels like you’re working blind. We’ve got a screenshot below but there are even more that we couldn’t get in the image since it was beyond the scroll.

AdCombo Stat Columns
There Are Even More That We Couldn’t Get in the Screenshot

The only downside (if you can call it that) is that it’s very possible to get stuck in information overload. While having all these extra stats is great just keep in mind the final goal, making more than you’re spending. We’d say get comfortable with the stats and find the data points you need and stick with those for the most part. You won’t need all of them.

Final Thoughts on AdCombo

AdCombo is, hands down, our favorite CPA affiliate network to work with. Payments twice a week, cash on-demand offers, lots and lots of tier 2 and 3 countries with much lower competition and really detailed stats all set this network ahead of the game. Our affiliate manager Maria has always been helpful and gets us the info that we need.

As far as adult goes they mainly have male enhancement offers. So you’re not going to find tons of dating, cams or paysites. But it’s worth signing up at AdCombo just to check out all that they have. Good affiliates always keep their eyes open to potential money makers regardless of niche and you’re going to find a lot here. We highly recommend signing up with AdCombo.

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