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CrakRevenue is an adult affiliate network founded in 2006 by 3 affiliate marketers. Over the years they CrakRevenue Reviewhave become the go-to network for affiliates looking for adult offers. Think of them as a one-stop shop for adult affiliates, which has its advantages and disadvantages just like in the real world. Read our full CrakRevenue review and see if they’d be the right network for you.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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CrakRevenue Affiliate Program Essential Info

Pay Types Pay per Lead, Pay per Sale, and RevShare.
Affiliate Referral 5% of referred affiliate income.
Payout Threshold $100 for all except wire ($500)
Payout Frequency Every 2 weeks (NET 30, NET 15 & NET 7 depending on account status)
Payout Methods & Fees Check ($2)
ACH ($2)
PayPal (5%)
Paxum ($2)
Wire ($20)
Promo Tools Banners, Multiple Landing Pages, Customizable Widgets, Cam Embeds, Smartlinks, Customizable Surveys, Native Ad Generator, Pop Code, Postbacks for Trackers

The CrakRevenue Review

As you’ve probably noticed when looking through other affiliate networks adult offers have worked their way into the mainstream. It’s not uncommon to find adult dating or male enhancement products on networks that do not specialize in adult programs. While it’s nice to have options if you’re serious about promoting adult it’s very helpful to work with a network that specializes in adult.

CrakRevenue is that network. If you were shopping for a specific Jaguar model would you get more knowledgeable advice at a large car lot with tons of brands and models or at a Jaguar dealership? That’s sort of what we have here. CrakRevenue knows the adult market and can get you the help and offers that you need. While they still run a few mainstream offers, you’re in the wrong place for that.

What Do We Like About CrakRevenue?

You can tell that we really like CrakRevenue because of their focus on adult offers. But it’s not just that they have them (close to 700 at the time of writing) but they have a wide variety, with different payment types and lots of tools to help you promote and track them.

The first thing you’ll notice after signing up is that the site is really well designed. Many networks use pre-build affiliate network platforms like HasOffers or Cake (even if you don’t know Cake you do, it’s a UX nightmare) but theirs seems to be custom-built. It’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for and working the promotional tools is intuitive.

CrakRevenue Review Dashboard
The CrakRevenue Dashboard

There are a lot of tools to work with. Many of the offers have multiple landing pages (or you can set to auto-optimize), static and animated banners and popunder code. For the live cam offers many of them have widgets to embed live cams or banners with live performers on them. Taking advantage of the live aspect is key when trying to promote cams.

Other tools include smartlinks for categories which will direct users to the best converting offers in that category. The smartlinks are constantly being optimized and they work really well for overflow traffic or as a popunder.

They also provide you with some of the most detailed info, as far as the conversion flow of an offer goes, that we have seen. The path the visitor has to take to convert is written out step by step.

CrakRevenue Stats
CrakRevenue Stats

And finally, on the tracking side they offer everything you could want to either track straight from their stats (not recommended) or integrate it into your tracker. Postbacks, multiple subids and many variables that you can either past to your tracker or view in their detailed stat reports.

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What Do We Not Like About CrakRevenue

Like just about everything else in the world, CrakRevenue isn’t perfect. Though our major gripes with them are mostly just facts of the business and not specific faults of the company.

Any affiliate network that does not own its offers is a middleman. There are some cases where an offer is exclusively featured on one network. With CrakRevenue we believe that both My Free Cams and CamSoda run their affiliate program exclusively with them. But with other programs you can see the cost of including CrakRevenue in your promotions.

For example the Chaturbate affiliate program, which you can either do directly with Chaturbate or through CrakRevenue. Working directly with Chaturbate you get 20% or $1 per lead but with CrakRevenue you get 15% or $.80 per lead. The network obviously needs to make money but it seems they were not able to work out a pay increase from Chaturbate. So you’re just giving them 20% – 25% of your earnings for no reason.

Which brings us to our other complaint and this applies mostly to revshare. RevShare may be generally be lifetime but things happen. Programs go under, affiliate networks go under, the program and the network have a falling out, etc. When you involve a third-party in your revshare, especially if it doesn’t provide very significant benefits (basically more $$$), then you’re adding unnecessary risk. Going direct to the program like Chatubate, if it is an option, is safer and will make you more money.

Final Thoughts on CrakRevenue

For a huge variety of adult offers and tools to help you promote them CrakRevenue is the best we’ve found. Their affiliate managers are helpful in getting you up and running and we’ve had no technical issues with the platform. While there were a few negatives in the CrakRevenue review they are easily avoided if you do your research and pay attention to who you’re running offers from. We highly recommend checking them out and signing up to get started if you have any interest in making money in the adult industry.

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