LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Review 2019

If you’ve only heard of one cam site in your entire life chances are it’s LiveJasmin. They are one of LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Reviewthe largest, oldest and most advertised cam sites. If you’ve ever been on a porn site then you’ve probably encountered one of their banners or pop ads. Read our full LiveJasmin affiliate program review to see why they still generate some of the biggest affiliate commissions in the industry.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Essential Info

Pay Types $150 to $300 Pay per Sale depending on volume & 35% to up to 60% RevShare depending on volume.
Cookie Duration 30 days PPS or 14 days RevShare
Model Referral Up to 10% of referred model’s income for a year.
Affiliate Referral Up to 36% of referred affiliate’s income for a year.
Payout Threshold $100 all methods except ACH/wire.
Payout Frequency Every 2 weeks with an approximately 25-day delay.
Payout Methods & Fees Check (Free – Available USA only)
ACH ($5 USA only)
SEPA EURO (€5 to business only)
Paxum (Fees vary)
ePayService (Fees vary)
Wire ($50 USA / €40 International )
Promo Tools Banners, Customizable Widgets, Cam Embeds, Pop Code, Postitials, Deep Linking, Model API, Instant Message Chat Ads & Whitelabels

The LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Review

There is one thing we need to clear up before we go into our LiveJasmin affiliate program review to make it less confusing. The LiveJasmin program is run exclusively through the AWEmpire affiliate network, that is all they do. So it’s better to just think of AWEmpire as the affiliate section of the website. When you go to sign up that’s where you’ll end up. And while you’ll notice they do have other sites to promote they are all the same LiveJasmin cams, just packaged differently for niches and such.

Moving on. LiveJasmin, as we mentioned in our Chaturbate affiliate review, is more of an old school cam site. The models have their rooms live and they flirt and give little enticing tastes of what can be had in private. But in order to get time alone with the model and have them act out the viewer’s fantasies, they are going to have to pay, typically by the minute. And this is where you could potentially be raking in the cash.

LiveJasmin Affiliate Programs Review
The RevShare Payouts Can Actually Be Bigger Than This

In our experience, it’s much harder to get people to sign up to a cam site like LiveJasmin. The visitor knows from the start they are going to have to pay because of all the offers to sign up and save XX% or get YYY tokens free. This is a huge barrier over sites like Chaturbate where they don’t even have to sign up with an email address if they don’t want to.

But once you get visitors over that big hurdle you can find some very big spenders. The same hurdles that keep people out also seem to create more potential for a 1 on 1 relationship between the model and the viewer. The is where you can potentially catch the biggest of the big fish. Those with loads of money and the desire to make a real (your opinion of real may vary) connection with a specific person that fulfills their fantasies. The money is there, it just may take a bit longer to uncover it.

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What Kind of Tools Does the LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Offer?

AWEmpire (LiveJasmin) offers one of the most extensive collections of promotional tools that we’ve found in the cam industry. They offer a wide variety of banners (static banners, gifs, video banners, and hypnobanners – you’ll have to check them out) and have numerous ways to feature models in iframes on your website. There is also an interactive landing page style postitial and popunder codes.

There are also several interesting tools like the instant messenger popup and a page peel. You don’t really see page peels that much on sites and we have no idea if it works on mobile (unlikely). But basically the top corner of your site peels down just a bit and reveals a model, trying to entice a click. It’s a bit too gimmicky for us but maybe it’s something that you could see incorporating into your promotions.

Beyond these tools, they have a robust set for deep linking to different models or niches. In our experience at times when linking to some of the niche sites, some of the model listings on the site would say LiveJasmin test or something which was off-putting. It blows the image of the whitelabel being an independent site. But this wasn’t the norm.

If you want to create a whitelabel using the LiveJasmin cams AWEmpire has a good generator that you can use to host a site on your own domain. The whitelabels can be customized to a good extent and can give you a site that you feel is (pretty much) your own.

LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Stats
A Quick Look at One of the AWEmpire Stat Screens

Stats wise AWEmpire has a good stats backend. While it may take a little getting used to you can generally pull the info that you want. One thing you can’t really do is see the subids or traffic sources unless they generate some kind of conversion. Not a big thing but it would be nice if you could. They do have the ability to post back to your tracker but you’ll need to set it up through support.

You’ll also get a 14-day cookie with the revshare program and 30 days for the PPS program. Any time you can get your affiliate cookie on a visitor’s browser you’re getting some added time to convert.

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Pay Per Sale or RevShare?

Generally, we say revshare all the way when dealing with cams and we still think the revshare with LiveJasmin is the best long-term plan to earn with. But they do offer a very lucrative pay per sale model as well. In fact, their payouts for both PPS and revshare are the highest we’ve seen with any program. The PPS payouts are $150 to $300 per spender (purchases 17.99 credit package or more within 30 days) and the revshare go as high as 60%. That is pretty much unheard of.

LiveJasmin Affiliate Program Payouts

As you’ll see there is no pay per lead model, so you’re going to need spenders to see any income. PPL for cams sucks anyway.

Normally it’s really hard to start out pure revshare if you’re buying ads, you’ll need income coming back in. AWEmpire’s PPS is a really good way to mix the two together to keep your traffic coming while still building a solid revshare base. Just remember if you PPS people aren’t justifying their payouts you will eventually get booted from the PPS program.

It’s good to think of PPS as a supplemental program to get you started. Think about it like this; if your people are good enough to keep you on PPS then they are profitable for AWEmpire. Which means they would be more profitable than the PPS commission you’re getting. If they aren’t good enough for you to stay on PPS you’ll get moved to revshare because they aren’t really spending. So, in the end, the only way this really works is if they are spending and in that case revshare will make you more over time.

Final Thoughts on the LiveJasmin Affiliate Program

The LiveJasmin affiliate program, ran by AWEmpire, is one of the oldest cam affiliate programs in the game. Overall we’ve had better luck diversifying with sites like Chaturbate, meaning we have a larger number of spenders with lower spending per user. LiveJasmin has provided some really big spenders but if they stop the income drops significantly.

With that said you can make really good money with this very recognizable brand. The super high payouts on both PPS and revshare make it feasible to hit the ground running with a hybrid of the two. The support is top-notch and they have always provided on-time payments that are often sent out early. We’d recommend adding LiveJasmin to your list of must promote cam programs, it still rakes in big cash.

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